Travelling with pets? Finding that perfect spot where both you and your furry friend feel welcome can be challenging. Marysville is known for its stunning natural beauty and warm community. Marysville offers various accommodations, but not all are created equal for our four-legged companions. In this guide, we’ll sniff out the details and let you decide why Marysville Holiday Park is such a popular choice for pet owners.

Marysville Is So Close!

Being less than 100 minutes from Melbourne CBD, Marysville allows for short getaways as well as longer stays to explore the many beautiful and relaxing hikes, activities and incredible natural adventures that Marysville and the surrounding area has to offer. We think our location, accommodation options and the connection to other like minded travellers who stay at Marysville Holiday Park is a great choice for pet owners who want to have a break and reconnect with the magnificent flora and fauna on show in and around Marysville.

Overview of Marysville Holiday Park

“The kids were so happy we could take Rex our Kelpie away with us for the weekend. The park was fantastic as was Marysville. I can’t believe we’d never been to Marysville before. They especially enjoyed Bruno’s art gallery” Mike and Melissa from Box Hill.”

Nestled in the Heart of Nature, Marysville Holiday Park promises not just a stay but an experience for you and your pet. Marysville Holiday Park offers easy access to walking trails and parks, making it ideal for pet owners who love to explore. With its spacious cabins and plenty of green space, it’s a haven for pets who love the outdoors. The park’s pet-friendly policies and range of accommodation options ensures your pet enjoys their holiday as much as you do.

Whether you’re budget-conscious or looking for the freedom of the outdoors, the park’s cabins, camping and caravan options cater to all, without you needing to leave your pet behind.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation Options

Budget Cabins

Offering comfort without the hefty price tag, the budget cabins are designed with both pets and families in mind, ensuring a cozy stay. Since becoming pet friendly the response has been overwhelming, further confirming it’s not a family holiday without the whole family. We have recently attached a fully enclosed dog run to one of our pet friendly budget maple cabins and due to its popularity will be adding additional dog runs to existing pet friendly cabins. Feedback from guests who have used this accommodation say that their pets are more relaxed, just like being at home with a space specifically for them to be off lead and smell, roll on the grass and soak up the sun.

Garden View Cabins

Due to the popularity in pet-friendly accommodation, we have opened up 3 Garden View Cabins as pet-friendly. Full sized cabins sleeping up to 5. It’s hard to find pet-friendly accommodation better than these.

Camping Facilities

For those who love the outdoors, the camping options allow you to be closer to nature, providing a unique experience under the stars, with your pet by your side.


With ample space and essential amenities, the caravan sites offer a home away from home, ensuring you and your pet have everything you need.

Marysville Holiday Park Accommodation – The Pet-Friendly Perks

We try to create with our guests a sense of community where kids and families are friendly and open to a little, some or a lot of socialising with other guests.

Being pet friendly accommodation we feel it enhances that neighbourly vibe you get from being in a park and enjoying your holiday a bit more. Like a “home away from home” experience. The park ensures every member of the family, furry ones included, have a memorable stay.

If you haven’t been to Marysville before, it sits within the Yarra Valley and is at the base of Lake Mountain. Lake Mountain is Melbourne’s closest ski field. It offers an array of activities that are perfect for families.Explore the vast hiking trails, take a dip in the nearby rivers or challenge yourself on the mountain biking trails, all within reach from Marysville Holiday Park just on the edge of town.

The diverse activities, stunning scenery and welcoming country atmosphere, underscores why Marysville should be your next holiday destination with your pet for either a quick two night stay or a longer period of time to try and really explore all the region has to offer.

*Please note Lake Mountain is a National Park so pets are not allowed access to the resort up on top of the mountain.

Pet-Friendly Features and Policies

Marysville Holiday Park offers families an opportunity to bring their pets to our park all year around with no exclusion times unlike other parks. Christmas, Easter, long weekends and school holidays are about the whole family making new friends and creating memories including your pets. We have some basic expectations of our pet owners so that all guests enjoy their stay. These rules are documented and signed on arrival as set out below.

  • Dogs are to be supervised by their owners at all times and are not to be left unattended in the park for any reason.
  • Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times while within the park (except inside the vans, tents and pet friendly cabins).
  • No more than 2 dogs are permitted per cabin/site.
  • You are responsible for picking up and disposing of your dog’s waste in a sealed plastic bag which is then placed in an external rubbish bin.
  • The Park Manager reserves the right to evict any guests whose dog is deemed noisy, disruptive, aggressive or the subject of a complaint from other guests. Or if owners do not comply with the rules (on leash or left unattended etc)
  • Dogs are not to be washed in any of the sinks in the amenity or laundry buildings.
  • Any damage caused by your pet will be charged at the discretion of the Park Manager.

For those ready to experience the unparalleled beauty and pet-friendly atmosphere of Marysville, Whether it’s to book your stay or inquire about the park’s offerings, taking the step towards your next adventure has never been easier.

Please reach out to Kim at Marysville Holiday Park either via

Phone: 03 5963 32 47 during office hours or via email:

Come and visit, you will find Marysville Holiday Park and the local community as a community that values the bond between pets and their owners. We invite you to explore, relax, and create lasting memories with your entire family.

ALSO – Benefits of Travelling on Holiday with your Pet.

Many of us consider at times should you or shouldn’t you bring your pet on holiday. While some of us wouldn’t consider a local holiday without them. Just in case you are not quite convinced as it might be the first time you are considering bringing your pet, we have added a list of reasons why a holiday with our four legged family members is hugely beneficial to you, the family and especially your dog.

Holidaying with your pet offers a myriad of benefits, both for you, your family and your furry friend. It’s definitely not just about saving on pet boarding costs or the hassle of finding a pet sitter; it’s about the shared experiences that enrich your bond. Let’s explore the reasons why taking your pet on holiday is a fantastic choice:

  1. Enhanced Bonding: Travelling with your pet strengthens your bond. Shared experiences, from hiking trails, parks and the Steavensons and Taggerty rivers.
  2. Reduced Stress & Well-being Pets are known for their ability to reduce stress. Having your pet by your side on holiday can make the experience more relaxing and enjoyable for you and the whole family.
  3. Cost-Effective: Taking your pet on holiday can often be more cost-effective than paying for boarding or pet-sitting services.
  4. No Post-Holiday Blues: Pets can experience anxiety and sadness when separated from their owners. Travelling together means your pet won’t have to go through the adjustment period of your return, avoiding post-holiday blues.
  5. Creating Memories & New Experiences: The experiences and adventures you share with your pet on holiday become cherished memories. Photographs and stories of your travels together can be a source of joy for years to come.
  6. They are a part of our Family!: For many of us dog owners, we consider our pets an integral part of the family, vacationing together supports a lifestyle that prioritises the inclusion and well-being of every family member.
  7. Emotional Support: For individuals who rely on their pets for emotional support, having them along on holiday can make travel more feasible and enjoyable.

Contact Deb at Marysville Holiday Park to book your next dog friendly adventure either by phone or email today!