Front of Marysville Holiday Park

Things to do

The list of local attractions and things to see and do around the park, Marysville and the wider region is endless. With its state forest and mountain ranges bushwalking, 4×4 driving, horse riding, mountain biking, photography, hunting and fishing are all very popular.

The local area has an impressive list of bushwalks and harder hikes to suit all ages and fitness levels. There are amazing waterfalls, razorback ridges, rock climbing and wonderful bird and wildlife.

Marsyville has some wonderful walks, parks, picnic spots and shopping with the wider region having superb local gourmet fresh produce and fine wines to sample. You can kick back by the river with a glass of wine, take a massage for some relaxation, and get out into the fresh mountain air for a holiday adventure.

Please so not hesitate to give us a call if you would like more information on any of these places or would like us to make a booking for you.