Embarking on a hiking adventure through the diverse and captivating landscapes of Marysville is not just a journey across various terrains; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature, challenge your limits, and discover serene moments of tranquility. Each trail in Marysville, from the soaring peaks of Keppel Lookout to the ancient, lush greenery of the Beeches Rainforest Walk, offers a unique story and a chance to connect with the natural world in a profound way. This guide aims to not only provide you with essential details about each trail but also to inspire you to lace up your hiking boots and set out on an unforgettable journey.

Please see the following trails that are pet friendly in the Shire of Murrindindi – “Nobody gets left behind at Marysville Holiday Park”

Keppel Lookout Trail

Imagine standing atop a vantage point where the panorama stretches from the verdant valleys below to the rugged horizons of the Cathedral Range. The Keppel Lookout Trail, with its moderately challenging paths, rewards hikers with such vistas. As you navigate through the changing landscapes, each step brings a new perspective, encouraging a sense of accomplishment and awe at nature’s grandeur.

Heritage Walking Trail

This trail was developed after the 2009 bushfires. This trail takes you to special places the local people want to remember. Some of these are sites of buildings long gone, others the sites of buildings destroyed by the bushfires and places left standing.

Beeches Rainforest Walk

Walking through the Beeches Rainforest is akin to stepping into another world—a world where ancient Mountain Ash trees tower above and delicate ferns carpet the ground. This trail, suitable for hikers of all levels, offers a peaceful retreat into the heart of nature. It’s a gentle reminder of the world’s timeless beauty and the importance of preserving these natural sanctuaries for future generations.

Cumberland Walk

The Cumberland Walk is a journey back in time. As you meander along this easy trail, the remnants of Marysville’s logging history are unveiled. This historical tapestry, set against the backdrop of native flora, offers a unique blend of learning and leisure, making it an ideal outing for families and history buffs alike.

Phantom Falls Trail

The path to Phantom Falls is a narrative of water’s perpetual motion. The sound of cascading water accompanies you as you venture towards the falls, each step filled with anticipation. The falls themselves are a spectacle, a testament to nature’s enduring beauty and power. It’s a trail that rejuvenates the spirit, offering moments of contemplation beside the thunderous waters.

Keppel Lookout to Steavenson Falls Circuit

For those seeking a more demanding adventure, the circuit from Keppel Lookout to Steavenson Falls presents a compelling challenge. It’s a journey of contrasts—from panoramic lookouts to the intimate proximity of one of Victoria’s tallest waterfalls. This trail embodies the essence of adventure, urging hikers to push their boundaries and revel in the accomplishment of completing this diverse trek.

Mount St Leonard Summit

Reaching the summit of Mount St Leonard is an endeavor that speaks to the heart of every true hiker. The ascent is demanding, but the reward—a 360-degree view that stretches to the horizon—is unparalleled. It’s a place to stand with the sky as your canopy, reflecting on the journey and the vast beauty of the world beneath.

Marysville to Buxton via the Bicentennial National Trail

Embarking on this section of the Bicentennial National Trail is to walk a path of varied experiences. From serene forest walks to the companionship of the Steavenson River, this trail encapsulates the essence of long-distance hiking, offering a profound sense of connection to the land and an enduring sense of peace.

The Cathedral Ranges

The Cathedral Ranges stand as a monument to nature’s architectural prowess. With trails that challenge and exhilarate, they appeal to those who seek to test their limits against the raw beauty of steep ascents and rocky outcrops. The views from the peaks are a hiker’s reward, offering a visual feast that fuels the soul’s wanderlust.

Wirrawilla Rainforest Walk, Toolangi

A short and gentle boardwalk circuit that takes in the sounds and scents of the rainforest characterised by Myrtle Beech and Sassafras trees.

Great Victorian Rail Trail

This unique rail trail features a series of artworks and offers close proximity to heritage classified rivers, majestic valleys, lakes and mountains. One of the highlights is Cheviot Tunnel, located midway between Molesworth and Yea.

Tanglefoot Loop, Toolangi

Tanglefoot Loop is an approx 10.5km, grade 3, loop hike which will take about 2-3 hours to complete. The trail is lush with ferns and other greenery.

Michaeldene Trail, Marysville

This trail can be experienced as either a short 2.7km loop or a long 4.3km loop and is graded level 2. Linking the Steavenson and Taggerty Rivers, the trail takes hikers back in time to the areas historic logging past.

Rubicon Valley Historic Area

Rubicon State Forest has plenty of incredible walks to explore, including those within the magical Rubicon Valley Historic Area. Offering historic insight amongst towering gums and flowing water, you can follow the old tramlines to find several trestle bridges, including the 15,000ft Siphon Bridge. In the opposite direction, Royston Power Station and the aqueducts, which you can follow all the way to the Rubicon Dam.

Good To Know

Generally, dogs are permitted in State Forests across Victoria but it’s always best to double check first. Please remember you must keep furry friends on a lead at all times for the safety of wildlife and your pet. And, don’t forget the doggy bags so we can keep the environment clean for future visitors to enjoy!


The trails of Marysville are more than just paths through the wilderness; they are invitations to embark on a journey of discovery, challenge, and connection. Each trail, with its unique landscapes and stories, offers a chance to experience the transformative power of nature. Whether you are seeking solitude, adventure, or a deeper appreciation for the natural world, Marysville’s trails await. So, what are you waiting for? The trails call, and adventure beckons.


  1. What is the best time of year to hike in Marysville?

Spring and autumn are ideal, offering mild weather and the beauty of seasonal changes.

  1. Are there any fees or permits required for hiking in Marysville?

Most trails are free to access, but it’s always wise to check for any specific park regulations.

  1. Can I bring my dog on the trails in Marysville?

Some trails allow dogs on a leash, but restrictions apply in national parks and conservation areas.

  1. What are the must-visit trails for first-time hikers in Marysville?

The Beeches Rainforest Walk and Cumberland Walk are excellent starting points for their beauty and ease.

  1. How can I contribute to the conservation of Marysville’s trails and natural environment?

Practice Leave No Trace principles, participate in local clean-up events, and support conservation efforts.

Please if this has sparked your interest in getting back to nature in one of Victoria’s most accessible and beautiful regions call Deb at Marysville Holiday Park for more advice and accommodation options for you and whomever you wish to share this stunning country.